Razzle dazzle your audience, showcase your awesomeness, and inspire action with compelling narratives and storytelling from King Productions that is 100% on brand and on message, all day everyday. 
We start with our signature Star - Story - Solution Formula. What is the problem? Who solves it?  Who is the star? (Tell THAT story!) What is the solution? Develop thoughtful questions, showcase diversity, and talk directly to your targeted customer persona. Now we can focus on the project, product, people, places that we really care about. 
Achieving the greatest value for your organization isn’t about slick marketing videos that we can saturate on social media, it’s about making a real impact. It’s storytelling that is equal parts recruiting, branding, and communications. And while we only recommend strategies and tactics that we know will enable you to achieve your goals in competitive positioning, enrollment, and fundraising objectives, we’re also all about moving the needle on progress.
King Productions is the all-in-one video marketing company that delivers compelling video, brand strategy, and the plan to put it all in place.