Production roles: Producer, videographer, director & editor.

Scope of Work: 
This project was launched as a way to showcase the opportunities Georgetown University students have during their collegiate career. 

I met with the interview subject in person to learn more about her and quickly discovered her passion for dancing. We talked through everything from her dance career, to how she ended up at Georgetown after growing up in Haiti.

We scheduled an interview on stage to showcase where she spends a lot of her time. I directed the interview and asked several questions during our 45-minute session. I wanted viewers to experience the stage for themselves and make their own conclusions. The lighting was designed to focus on the student as she's the focal point of the story.
I filmed rehearsals, shows and filmed the student on campus over the course of a two week period. My main goal was to capture her fun-loving energy and passion for dance.

After editing the piece, I worked with a creative services team to coordinate distribution of the profile feature on the university's website and social media channels including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
The video was filmed using a Canon C100 and edited in Adobe Premiere.  
Completion: April 2015
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